Popcorn Flavored Cod

I’m very stubborn. I insist to eat oatmeal when I know I won’t have time to finish it all. Boy am I a crazy person 😉 Jk, but I was still working on my bowl yesterday morning when my parents arrived around noon. They didn’t mind sitting around while I finished, and look what they brought me!

November 15th 029

Archer Farm's Vanilla Cranberry Peanut Butter

A new peanut butter? A new Target product? A food present I didn’t have to physically pick off the shelf? This was like everything I like all in one <3 Big thanks to Naomi at One Fit Foodie for giving me the heads up on this one. After putting that and some other groceries they brought, my parents, grandmother and I headed of to Foxwoods! We’ve been going there every few months or so since I was 2 or 3. Don’t judge my family because we bond over institutions of gambling; there are sooooo many other reasons to judge us. Anyway, I can’t gamble until I’m 21, and the arcade room has lost its luster to me, so when we go my dad and I usually eat at one of their great restaurants. This time it was Junior’s.

November 15th 001


Junior’s started in Brooklyn, and is much more well-known for their cheesecake. Bobby Flay even threw down(and beat) them! They also built a restaurant at the MGM part of Foxwoods. When you arrive, they give you pickles, beets, and relish.

November 15th 006


I thought that was really cute. And it was all so vinegary! It was perfect. For entrees, Juniors has a lot of heavy items; would you really expect anything less from a place whose main appeal is cheesecake? I was in a white-fish mood, so I went with the broiled cod.

November 15th 008

Broiled Cod With Broccoli

The dish came with florentince rice, but I asked to substitute that with the vegetable of the day, which was apparently broccoli. I also didn’t realize that at 2pm I’d be getting the dinner portion. It was very delicious, but I wasn’t expecting the pool of butter it came in. In fact, when I first tasted it I though “Why does my cod taste like popcorn?” That’s how divorced I am from butter; I only know the flavor through popcorn. I’m not even sure what the sauce on the side was but it tasted like mayo and was pretty bland so I didn’t bother with it. One thing that was great about Junior’s was their mustard.

November 15th 003

Junior's Mustard

They make their own, and my dad(who got a steak burger) and I both agreed it was incredible. Luckily, they also sold it, and mustard was on my shopping list, so I got one for 4 dollars. I love buying sauces and jams from places I visit because I think the flavor of their product says a lot about the institution and bring back good memories. We didn’t get any cheesecake, but I snapped a picture on the way out for you to drool at 😉

November 15th 010

Junior's Cheesecakes

Can I move one now? :-) We walked around a bit more while my mom and grandmother had fun gambling. I had a huge coffee to flush out the butter from my system. Foxwoods has some fun stores that sell Stonewall Kitchen and other jams. Some of them had me drooling, but I wasn’t in the business of buying new and expensive jams. Once people had had their full(and lost their money), we made the long trip back to Providence. I say long because we stopped at 3 places. For energy I snacked on a new bar.

November 15th 011

NuGo Carrot Cake Bar

It had an interesting flavor. It was definitely sweet, though I’m not sure it was “carrot cake”. Then again, what is carrot cake, anyway? It’s one of my favorites ever, so I’ve had a ton, and I know no two have ever tasted the same because people change up the ingredients so often. Anyway, the first stop was probably the one I was most excited for.

November 15th 012

Rhode Island Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is always exciting; add in the facts that 1) I haven’t been to one in over a month 2) this was a new one to me and 3) this is their only location in Rhode Island and you’ve got a happy foodie. It felt like reuniting with an old friend. At the same time, so much has changed! They have great looking new profucts like chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joe’s. And have they always had those vanilla fudge cranberry dunkers? If so, why did I never buy them?

Well, it was dark when we got out of their. After that we went to Stop And Shop for Libby’s pumpkin and Vitatops, but as luck would have it Cascadian Farm’s granola bars were $3 a box and I had coupons! Score. Lastly was Whole Foods, where I restocked on a lot of jam that my yogurt-loving ways have taken, and picked up a dinner. I even slipped my dad $10 my grandmother had slipped me earlier because I felt the groceries had gotten a little out of hand. Here’s the proof:

November 15th 017


Like I said, quite a bit. On the bright side, only 3 of the groceries were neither on sale, a coupon item, or store brand. And there was at least $6 saved with sales and coupons, so that counts for something. I rushed to put these away because time had completely gotten by me and was more than ready for dinner.

November 15th 025

Whole Foods Chicken Dumplings And Tuna And Salmon Brown Rice Sushi

Did I mention my parents also bought me a dinner? 😀 This was sooooo good. I haven’t had sushi or Chinese dumplings in what feels like ages; I know of some great sushi places but honestly I’m content with Whole Foods. I like brown rice and most real Japanese places don’t offer that. I’d definitely get it more if it weren’t expensive(though, to be fair, it’s a way better deal than loading up on veggies from the salad bar).

This dinner made me very happy for the ridiculous amount of email responding/blog reading/internet bemusement I had to do. The rest of the night felt like hectic catching up but I’d much rather have a fun day and a stressful night than anything else. For a bit I ran around putting things away, cleaning plates, jumping into PJ’s, and making a snack.


November 15th 001

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt With Harvest Spcie Granola


I was still hungry immediately after dinner, which I think was either from my low snackage of that the sushi had enough protein. Regardless, pumpkin pie greek yogurt was by far the best answer. I added 1/4 cup pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla stevia, and used 1 Harvest Spice bar as granola. This tasted just like pumpkin pie. It definitely hit the spot. I don’t know that I’d like that bar on its own, but as an on-the-go granola I could see it being handy. Amazing Race and Family Guy were decent, but nothing to gush about. This snack was though:


November 15th 008

Peanut Butter Chip Granola Bar, Chocolate Vitatop With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter


Why people pay an arm and a leg for supplements when they could buy tasty, fortified food I will never understand; I swear I always feel better the day after I have a vitatop for dessert. Even if it’s all in my mind, it’s damn tasty :-) The granola bar was good, too. Nothing fortified or particularly nutritious, but definitely delicious. I think this one would make good on-the-go granola, too.

Nerd rant: The Aeneid is just awful to read in translation. At least when you read it in Latin you feel like you’re testing out your knowledge and can enjoy the poetry side of it. As a book, though, it pretty much sucks. In fact, the author, Virgil, wanted it burned after he died because he never finished it and didn’t like it himself. Some people are very glad those orders were not carried out. I, on the other hand, am not.


November 15th 010

Soy Yogurt With Smart Balance, Newman's Own Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, And Vanilla Sugar

Speaking of fortified, this was fortified with goodness. I actually used to worry about not getting enough calcium, but with 3 cups of yogurt or milk a day and green vegetables that’s not really a concern. And I think a sprinkling of vanilla sugar is totally justified when you buy plain and unsweetened yogurt :-)

I’m finding the better I stay hydrated, the more often I need to get up and go in the middle of the night. A bit unfortunate, but if that’s the price for proper health I’ll pay. I grabbed a fruity bar and hit the gym.


November 15th 013

Clif Fruit And Nut Mojo Dipped

This one’s not my favorite, but it had me at “and nut”. I think Monday’s are the best for long runs because usually I lower mileage over the weekend, and I’m excited to see The Today Show gang and 7am cartoons. Today pretty much fit that bill. I decided on 12 miles and finished in 99 minutes flat. None of my gym friends were there this morning :-( But I know where they work so I can give them hell for being lazy and make sure they kick their own butts tomorrow 😉 Breakfast was decided long before it got made.


November 15th 016

Oikos With Strawberry Jam And Fluff, Pumpkin Oatmeal With Vanilla Cranberry Peanut Butter And TJ's White Chocolate Chips

Yum! I love getting new “toys” to play with. The vanilla cranberry butter was surprisingly thin, and the cranberries weren’t whole but rather finely ground. Still, it had GREAT flavor. I think it’d be good in some yogurt. And the white chocolate chips were perfect. I think you can tell they’re made with cocoa butter. I don’t know why, but I was craving a little sticky fluff, so I threw that on the yogurt. Perfect :-)




Xagave Giveaway! I’d love to be baking with this stuff!

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No Responses to “Popcorn Flavored Cod”

  1. kbwood 16. Nov, 2009 at 11:36 am #

    i so saw that PB at target the other day-let us know how it is!


  2. Graze With Me 16. Nov, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    Mmm, fluff.

    I love creative and fun flavored nut butters but I find that I treat them more as dessert instead of healthy fat. That’s why I tend to go for the unadulterated ‘ground nuts and nothing else’ variety. It still makes a bowl of oatmeal fun!


  3. Abby 16. Nov, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    I love going to Trader Joes! Most pple dread grocery shopping, yeah not me.. its fun. lol!! :)

    That Carrot Cake bar sounds interesting! AND YAA for a “parent bought” din din.. always the best.


  4. eatmovelove 16. Nov, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    Love love love the PB cups!!! Mmmmm. I actually dread grocery shopping lately…there’s too much I want and it gets overwhelming haha! Do you parents eat the same way as you – how do you pay for all this??…Hook me up please 😉


  5. marathonmaiden 16. Nov, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    i love grocery shopping and i’m jealous of you because you seem to go all the time!!


  6. luckytastebuds 16. Nov, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    Where the Trader Joe stash?? I hope you got some waffle mix! hahahha

    That is interesting sounding Peanut butter you have! There are so many brands now it’s hard to pick!

    EW for the butter on the broiled cod. I guess some restaurants have a different perception of what broiled means…isn’t it usually without butter???


  7. eatingmachine 16. Nov, 2009 at 3:06 pm #

    i used to live across the street from trader joes… and it was just the nearest grocery store
    it’s more fun now that i only get to go there every now and then… and there’s always something new and random…


  8. Katie 16. Nov, 2009 at 3:36 pm #

    Wow all your eats look so good!!! I love the carrot cake bar, it is so good, I can never find it anymore though : ( I saw that Peanutbutter at Target yesterday, let me know how it is!!!! xoxo


  9. MelissaNibbles 16. Nov, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    You scored big with the groceries this weekend. I can’t wait to see what recipes you come up with :)


  10. Jenny 16. Nov, 2009 at 7:58 pm #

    ah yes you finally got the archer farms vanilla cran! I’m so mad that my target doesn’t carry it :( I wish you could order some offline! tarjeyyyy best get on that.


  11. Erin 16. Nov, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    That’s my Trader Joes!! Woot woot! I was totally there on Sunday, weirrddd.

    Next time you’re hankering for sushi, you must try out Tokyo on Wickenden St. My personal fave sushi place in PVD. And they have brown rice! Also good are Haruki on Wickenden and Ran Zan on Hope St, down near Pawtucket. I’ll stop being a foodie nerd now :)

    I really, really want a Vitatop now!


  12. Lynn @ The Actors Diet 16. Nov, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

    that PB from target sounds great. i never actually got a chance to go to junior’s when i lived in nyc – seems like such an institution….


  13. Ada 17. Nov, 2009 at 9:48 am #

    I live in NYC but have honestly never tried Junior’s cheesecake! Most of my friends rave about it, thought:) I’m glad you had a fun time at Foxwoods and that new peanut butter sounds great!


  14. Holly 17. Nov, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    pickles, beets and vanilla cranberry PB? umm i need to live your life. i want all of that and NOW!!!!!


  15. Naomi (onefitfoodie) 17. Nov, 2009 at 12:04 pm #

    YAY thank for teh shout out I am so happy you found it!!!!


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