Voskos Greek Yogurt Review

Last month Voskos sent me some of their greek yogurt to sample and review. Between all of the flavors, I didn’t know where to start. Voskos’ yogurt is all-natural and they even have a few organic flavors. They incorporate 5 strands of healthy probiotic bacteria into each batch. Between all the different flavors and varieties offered, I’m sure you’ll find one or two that suit your taste. I know I found a bunch of new yogurts that I love. To read more on Voskos, or find a retailer near you(They sell them at Whole Foods!), visit the Voskos website.

Blended Greek Honey

9/10: This was about as good as preflavored yogurts get, in my opinion. I like that the company pledges all natural ingredients and to use hormone free cows. Equally impressive was the simplicity of ingredients in this yogurt. It was delightfully thick and creamy despite not having fat or pectin. Flavor-wise, this yogurt was a big success. The honey did not taste like simple honey; rather, it tasted special and truly blended with the yogurt to highlight the natural sweetness in milk. This yogurt tasted much more like a dessert than anything else while still having more protein and less sugar than your average store brand yogurt. What the container doesn’t reveal oddly is that you’re getting 5 different strands of bacteria, which is an impressive mix.

Honey Vanilla Bean

8.5/10: This yogurt was promising from the start, with genuine vanilla beans freckling throughout. It was a little thin on top and thick on the bottom which had me worried, but it thickened up with stirring. Flavor-wise, this was an absolute delight; the honey added a recognizable sweetness without masking the beauty of pure vanilla. I honestly could eat this for dessert every night and be happy. The ingredient list, while good in comparison to most other brands of yogurt, threw me off a bit for Voskos; I wasn’t expecting cornstarch(a thickener) or evaporated can juice(sweetener) to be on their at all let alone above honey. While that certainly bore on my mind, I’d still gladly buy this particular flavor again.

Organic Greek Honey

7/10: Honey and greek yogurt have always been put together since Ancient times. No doubt it was organic then, and now it’s organic once more. This yogurt had a nice, smooth, thick texture. Opening it I could just smell the honey in the air. Unfortunately, I think Voskos used a little too much because this was a little too sweet. The honey flavor was overpowering; it wasn’t quite at the same level as the blended greek honeywhere it perfectly accentuated the milk. This was more like when you squeeze the honey bottle too much and think “Oops!”. It was a good product but not one I’d buy over their other flavors.

Organic Plain Non Fat

9/10: Plain yogurt is, unfortunately, one of those things which earn you little praise when you do it right and a lot of guff when you do it wrong. Nonetheless, it’s important for me and you to have a good, solid product we can rely on, and that’s exactly what Voskos provides with this. It was incredibly thick for a yogurt with no milk fat; and the tartness which I think can be a bit too strong in other yogurts wasn’t very prevalent here. Each 5.3oz serving has 15g protein and 5g lactose which puts it just equivalent with other brands. And I appreciate the fact that they took the effort to make a certified organic product. I’d really rather opt for one of their delicious flavored yogurts, but it’s good to know another fall back for the ever-necessary plain.

Organic Vanilla Bean

9/10: When you open up a product and see freckles of vanilla bean everywhere, you have a good chance it’ll be great. Thankfully, that was the case here. This greek yogurt tasted exactly like frosting and I couldn’t believe it! Amazingly, the sugar content isn’t that bad in comparison to other flavored greek yogurts, and certainly not bad overall. This actually felt like a bit of a “treat” even though it was so darn healthy. I think the honey in the honey vanilla bean flavor really adds a nice depth of flavor that this one lacks, but I appreciate that this was made will all organic ingredients. Either way, you’re in for a win-win.

Plain Low Fat

9/10: Greek yogurt is all to often a conundrum. For a while now, companies have offered healthy and “suitable” non fat styles and luscious but untouchable full fat varieties. Thankfully, there’s been a recent push lately for a happy medium and Voskos has joined that bandwagon. This yogurt was thick and creamy I could only have hoped for. The tartness was much subtler than other brands, while the touch of cream added a richness and depth of flavor. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this one. It needed no sweetening as its “plain” flavor was absolutely perfect. Kudos to Voskos for making a sensible treat that can be enjoyed at any time.

Plain Non Fat

7.5/10: All I can say about this yogurt was that it was plain, but not in a good way. I liked the 8oz serving size and the 24g of protein. The flavor wasn’t really anything that could stand on its own; it wasn’t even tart enough to really entertain the palate as Greek yogurt. It was a great base for adding my own flavor, though I don’t think I’d ever eat it straight out of the container.

Plain Original

9/10: In this product, Voskos provides pure, unadulterated greek style yogurt in its creamiest form. I was impressed by how thick and non-separating this is. The taste is absolutely decadent; each spoonful is a taste. And while full fat greek yogurt on its own is a bit much, I’ve found great uses for this. I love putting a dollop on top of beans or mexican dishes instead of cheese. I also enjoy mixing this with nonfat style greek yogurt in a 3:1 ratio to make a reasonably nutritious yet delicious bowl you can feel good about enjoying any time.

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  1. maya 20. Nov, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    i just tried Voskos yogurt, in honey vanilla bean for the first time yesterday! i liked it, very vanilla-y :) great reviews i have to try the other flaves! i saw they have fig?


  2. Errign 20. Nov, 2009 at 7:29 pm #

    I love Greek yogurt (currently – Oikos) but I’ve never seen Voskos around -perhaps it’s because I live in the middle of nowhere…:D

    Sound yummy though – I’d probably stick with the plain :)


  3. Jenny 20. Nov, 2009 at 8:11 pm #

    the last thing I need is another greek yogurt to get obsessed with — I am infatuated with oikos and chobs!


  4. Sarah 21. Nov, 2009 at 12:16 am #

    Great product review! I will have to find that yogurt.


  5. Holly 21. Nov, 2009 at 1:26 am #

    fab review! and i always go back to the plain – it is sooo good! i am actually starting to not like flavorings as much!


  6. burpexcuzme 21. Nov, 2009 at 1:35 am #

    Great review! Very thorough, and I like how honest you are. No sugar-coating!

    I’ve tried the honey vanilla voskos, and I did not like it much. But that’s usually because I only like plain yogurt.


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